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FMCG boom at the last edition of the Argentinian Hot Sale

BeOn Argentina 17 MAY 2019

The new edition of the Argentinian Hot Sale was a total success and broke its own records. At the end of the third day, more than 2.8 million users had visited the official site. This means a 12% more than last edition. In this opportunity, more than 500 official stores participated in the event and 80% of them decided to extend their sales, in what they called Hotweek. Many companies achieved to sell in only 72hs what they usually do in a whole month.

The Hot Sale was particularly good for the FMCG industry. Diego Urfeig, CACE’s Executive Director, highlighted that “they identified the growth of some of the non-traditional categories of eCommerce such as Food and beverages, Cosmetics, sport and non-sport clothing, as this year tendency”. This means -according to Urfeig- that more digital consumers are increasingly incorporating daily-use products to their online purchases.

This can be explained, in part, because CPG presented the highest discounts. The total categories discount average was 30% but for Food and beverages, was 35%. For Beauty and Cosmetics and Baby and Kids, discounts were near 27%.

One of the outstanding cases was Día Supermarkets, which launched its own eCommerce 8 months ago. Fernanda Onzari Nobua, Día’s eCommerce Manager, stressed that in comparison to the last CyberMonday, online sales grew 50% during the Hot Sale in the first 48hs. The most required items were beers, refreshes, hygiene products and food. Día’s manegers considered that these results were influenced by the strong discount policy applied to more than 1300 products of their own brand, that in some cases reached a 60% off. For Onzari Nobua, the same day delivery added value to their sale proposal.

Regargind Cosmetics and Beauty, Anibal Brullo, Droguería del Sur S.A. CFO, claimed that “during the firsts days of Hot Sale, we reached a growth of 316%, compared to the last edition, and of 120%, compared to CyberMonday”. Categories such as diapers grew 200%, an equivalent of almost 2 complete months of sales.

Who and from where are visiting the Hot Sale?

First results indicated that women were the ones that looked for discounts the most, with 55% of participation. Regarding the age range, most users were between 25 and 34 years old, representing 36,6% of searches, while the following 29,8% were between 35 and 44 years old.

The tendency to use mobile devices for searches kept growing: it represented the 68% in this edition, 4 point above last year.

The distribution by regions was led by Buenos Aires City and Great Buenos Aires, followed by Litoral and the center region of Argentina:

Hot Sale is deeply settled in Argentina as one of the of the country and every time more brands and companies consider it as core events for their marketing plans. It represents a huge portion of their annual growth.


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