14 December, 2018 BeOn

 Cyber Monday Argentina

Cybermonday’s  last edition in Argentina broke records in sales, specially in FMCG categories: 1 food and beverage item was sold every 5 minutes and 1 personal care item every 8 minutes.

During October’s last 3 days, a new edition of the greatest online sales event took place. Sponsored by CAME (Argentina’s eCommerce chamber), this Cyber Monday involved more than 500 enterprises and 2,94 millions of users in it’s official website. FMCG categories such as Food and beverages reached the top positions of the sales ranking.

The growth and consolidation from one edition to another was remarkable. Not only the turnovers increased -almost a 40% more than the past year- but also the average ticket reached ARS $3.726. Moreover, 1.93 millions of transactions were made and 3.4 million of products  were sold, which meant an increase of 23%.

Here are some of the main tendencies of this Cyber Monday:

  • 58% of the online search was made by women
  • Millennials represented the 44% of users, followed by Generation X and Baby Boomers.
  • The average discount for FMCG was 30% off in Food and beverages and 26% off in Cosmetics and beauty, and Babies and children.
  • Mobile search increased from 54% in 2017 to 64% in 2018
  • Most of users came from the main cities of Argentina: Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fé.

Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre went further and extended its Cyber Monday one more week after 3 days of excellent outcomes:

  • 35% increase in sold items
  • 55% increase in sales
  • 25% more visits than last year
  • New record in sessions, reaching 260.000 simultaneous users navigating the site at its peak.

FMCG categories standed out: 1 Food and beverage item was sold every 5 minutes and 1 Personal care item every 8 minutes. As for Household care, this category grew more than 219% and 486% more beverage items were sold.



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